The Wet Plate Collodion process was developed back in in the 1860’s. It was one of the original forms of photography, and one that bridged the gap of imagination and science. Based all in the combination of chemistry and light, this was almost considered alchemy when it was first seen by public eyes.

The process is truly magical. When someone sees a negative image become a positive right before their eyes, its something they will never forget.

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We use the same camera technology used back in the 1860’s. Large format bellows cameras and big brass lenses. Its quite the experience watching how the first photographs were produced. Each photograph created is one of a kind, and this is because no plate can be poured the same way twice. This means that each plate has its own ingrained certificate of authenticity. This truly makes this process special in that way alone.

It can take between 10-15min to create one photograph with this process, so it requires a bit of patience. Luckily, we use high powered photographic strobes to bring down the time needed to sit still, where as back in the 1860’s a person would have to sit still from between 6-30 seconds. We bring old school looks with a wonderful modern twist.